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Bluff City Stormwater Program
"Only Rain Down the Drain!"


Stormwater Management Ordinance



Pollution Prevention Tips

Storm drains are designed to carry only rainwater. Therefore, they flow directly to local creeks and Boone Lake without receiving any type of treatment. Storm drains are separate from the City’s sanitary sewer system, which treats wastewater from your sink, toilet, and other indoor drains.


Whether you live right next to the lake or not, polluted runoff from your home will eventually reach Boone Lake through the storm drains or the nearest creek. Even if polluted runoff doesn't immediately reach the storm drain or the water evaporates, the problem isn’t gone. Pollutants still remain on the pavement and will be washed into the storm drain the next time it rains.


Storm water pollution is toxic to fish and other wildlife, and it degrades our creeks and lake. The tips on this website will help you reduce pollution from your home or business activities and protect our environment.


For more information, call the City’s Stormwater Coordinator
City of Bluff City
P.O. Box 70
Bluff City, TN 37618
(423) 538-7144


Tennessee Contruction Guide To Clean Water - Click Here
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Garden, Pool, and Spa Maintenance
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Learn More About Stormwater
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Stormwater Regulations
To report stormwater violations including erosion or sediment problems, illegal dumping, litter, illegal connections to storm drain system, pollutant runoff, spills, or any other water quality issue, please call (423) 538-7144.


4391 Bluff City Hwy P.O. Box 70 Bluff City, TN 37618(423) 538-7144
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